The big man gives gifts
His people buy homes and feast
A gutter boy wails
Short sleeve or long?
Liberty they shout!
Wielding their machetes high
Death will set you free
Overcoming Poverty
Patriarchal man
Don't wave that hand-out at me
We want trade, not aid
Hide from the world
Blindly the Donkey
Bucks biting flies, buries its head
In dry, oil-rich ground
National values
Is oil a virtue or a curse?
Why not mine the mind?
From hatred and fear
War erupts and spreads like lava
Cracks of love bloom freedom
Memetic Injection
Infected with hate?
Vomiting anger and lies?
Vaccinate with love
The government troops
Surrounding the refugees
See only rebel dead
The ground is fertile
They war and sow their blood
Ripe crops plowed under
A warning
African soil is thirsty
For a white man's blood
World Traveler
Where are you from son?
America is not enough?
United we stand
Muslims in the North
Christians in the South
God in the middle?
Democide? Decide
Or instigator State
Functions of the governed