Let go
Enlightenment is
Finding the key you looked for
And losing the door
The meaning of life?
A question only answered
By our vows to others
Love Depot
A meaningless life
The waypoint to emptiness
Filled with anything
Ego, an onion.
Peeled authenticity.
Cook well, delicious.
Dead awake
A knowledge addict
Emptiness is like death's hand
Sleep comes like a drug
The Bore
A painful speaker
Loves the sound of their own voice
More than harmony
The lie detector
Uncovers the worst liars
And buries the best
Muscular Vanity
In every gym mirror
He shops for satisfaction
With his little boy eyes
Busy businessman
Deals, buyouts, takeovers, sex
Slipped on ice and died
Fat girls lose weight too
He loved her so much
But rejected her body
Skinny now; tough shit
Art is pain expressed
Color, light, anger released
Pure love is boring
Ginormous World
Drug dealers, porn stars
Oh what exciting friends these.
Why is life so hard?