The curves of her body
Revs my engine and I race
Right over the cliff
Growing pains
Attraction to youth
Beauty, toned and firm bodies
Ego, stunted wisdom
Show, don't tell
Teaching facts of life
Gives situational cues
Wisdom speaks deeper
Exploring her faults
The mountain trembles fury
At the cleansing rain
Internal Confusion
I love you she said
Her mind filled with loving thoughts
Actions bespeak hatred
Good intentions
Expressions of love
Create a life of bounty
Want is not enough
I love you, she lied
When she told him her goodbye
She lied to him and I
My people and yours
Generate life together
Or talk it apart
Vulnerability kills
Love me, he begged her
On his knees emotionally
The sword fell, he bled
Power Chopper
While he shopped for rings
She shopped for attention
From another man
He loved her, he gave
Gave and gave and gazed and gave
He gave and she took
I still check my email daily
For loving words
I know will never come