Love like a solar flare,
Hurtling from the heart of the sun.
My youthful tastes caress the first heavenly body,
Ravaging with its fury.
Leaving a cratered lifeless form,
The maelstrom reaches out,
Gently embracing another clouded world.
Shrouded with mystery, sultry, hidden from me,
Impenetrable to my light; fly on.
The third is an eye of deep blue with flecks of platinum.
I plunge to your heart and warm your contours,
Energizing your winds,
Wavelets of love emanating from my touch.
I nourish you and you reflect my power,
In azure majesty,
For all the heavens to see.
And your hearth, warmed by my flare,
Sprouts the seed of life.
The moon child of Sol and Gaea,
Spinning happily through,
The immortal sky.