Bo'an: a statement that reads forward and backward, elegantly.
Still don't know what this means?
Take the simple Bo'an, 'God loves never hates Satan.'
Now flip it, 'Satan hates never loves God.'
Gravy baby, just gravy.
Take a moment with each one. Let it play in your mind. Tickle them and they'll tickle you back.
Everyone feels suffering
Knowledge known little, craves and seeks man
We are different aren't we
Silence only hears what hears only silence
Secrets known little, crave consorts with spies
God says man is evil, because souls are tainted
Nothing means this backwards
God says untruths follow devils and deamons
I am never alone
We are different aren't we
Anger touches everyone
Venus loves and everyone hates Jealousy
Silence only hears enlightenment of man
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