A casual word exchanged in the hall,
A conversational meeting in the mall.
Dinner and drinks,
Does he know what she thinks?
A walk down on the harbor shore,
On the park bench he longs for her more.
A few short words, a look in the eye,
He summons the courage to try... to try.
She looks away, he moves closer still,
Turning back toward him he musters his will.
Mouth parted and his eyes closed tight,
They come together in the pale moonlight.
He speaks with his lips,
I love you, they say…
But she remains closed and pushes away.
A look in her eyes and he falls into shame,
His heart gasps once and withers in pain.
Driving her home, silence that hurts.
A farewell at the door,
That hurts,
That hurts…
A fall into despair, too much to bear.
Her last pitying glance,
Driven home by loneliness;
The only embrace for him...